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I am a member of the Dorchester Road Senior Center in N Charleston.  Because I am a North Charleston resident, my membership is only $100 per YEAR and I can also go to the new Senior Center at the corner of Antler Drive and Otranto Road, Northwoods Senior Center.  They are both great places to go to.  I am currently taking two yoga classes each week, a Balance class and a Strength and Balance Class, and ZUMBA.  If I wasn't working, I'd do a lot more.  My husband and I attended the Halloween Party at the Dorchester Road Center and had a blast.  They served us dinner (tacos and cookies) and had a DJ playing music while we line danced and did our version of Soul Train.  We also attended the Christmas Party at the Dorchester Road Center.   Everyone brought a dish to share. We had a great dinner and met some interesting new people.  If you do not live in North Charleston, the membership is only $20 per month or $200 per year.  If you are not sure that you will use your membership, just join for one month and see how it goes.  I joined for just one month at first and found that I was there almost every day.  Socializing is a great reason to go even if you don't feel like you can exercise.  They have arts and crafts class, card games and a variety of speakers.  This is the best bargain around!   For classes, other than exercise, you need to sign up at the front desk if you want to attend.  I am teaching a class about Real Estate for Seniors, once each month at both of the centers in North Charleston.  I hope to see you there.   I will be talking about the many options available and the decisions we need to make BEFORE we need to, as far as your home is concerned.  I will also be answering questions and finding out what you would like for me to talk about the next time.  I also try to have a different guest speaker each month to talk about topics of interest to Seniors.

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